Comments from Phuc

One more note for the wines:  beside the 1994 Fonseca port which I believed is everyone's favorite except for Thuy` (she was sleeping through the whole bottle), we also drank a very famous wine: 1989 Pichon Baron, the last two bottles at dinner if you still can remember :-).

1989 was one of the best vintage ever for Bordeaux.  The 1989 Pichon Baron was Winespectator Wine of The Year when released in 1992.  But here is story why it was much more famous among the "wine snobs":
In 1999 there was a very selected wine tasting for the wine connoisseur and snob in London, these guys were totally hard core Bordeaux experts who had nothing better to do so they decided to get together and drink all the highly rated Bordeaux (mostly Premier Cru) in 1989 and 1990 to settle the score on which vintage is better.
Surprisingly the 1989 Pichon Baron came in 2nd beating out all of the famous Lafite, Latour, Margaux and Haut-Brion.  In case you wonder what came in 1st place, it is it's younger sibling the 1990 Pichon Baron which was also at our dinner but we did not open yet (a perfect reason to throw another party).  Sadly after those two perfect years Pichon Baron has not come closed to produce anything in the same class.
It is easier to appreciate good California wines since they are so good and they hit you immediately demanding that you must appreciate them just like a voluptuous American blonde or brunette.  French wines are more subtle and you usually have to drink them a few times continuously to start acquiring the taste for the different terrain.  So far I noticed that we liked most of the french wines we drank it just that we drank them so sparingly that we tend to forget that frenchy taste.
Anyway, we will be drinking 1st growth Bordeaux next, most of them I have not tried either so it should be fun.  I do have more 1994 Fonseca port for you Thuy`.