Another Birthday...3/3/07


Dinner!  Let start ......

Chilled pea soup with Spicy crab meat served in a shot glass.


Creamy Polenta with Caramelized Mushrooms.


Mai-Ly and I we are platting the first Entrée

Sautéed shrimps in Nage served on a bed of Mashed potatoes with Chives.

The Nage (Swim in French) took about over 3 hours to reduce.  It was made with roasted shrimps head and shells, assorted vegetables, white wine and cognac cooked slowly until reduce to a quart from a large pot. 

Seared Foie Gras with Buttered sautéed Golden Delicious apples in a balsamic reduction sauce.


Magret de Carnard au poivre vert served with crispy French fries.

This is a very typical and popular French dish that can be found in any Bistros in France.


I should stop here with my menu! We were pretty full after we are done with the duck.  Anyway,  we went ahead and grilled the beef Rib eye because it was on the menu and it was already marinated, but we cancel the lamb! 

No worries for leftovers...We saved the leftovers, beef and Lamb chops, for lunch the next day after Tennis.  Thuy graciously host the lunch at her house.  I could not believe that the leftovers was enough to feed 15 people! 



Home made Almond Cake with Warm Vanilla crème Brûlée filling (hiding inside the cake) on a bed of raspberries and blackberries in light syrup.

Here is a closer look at the dessert once you dig in...

Hidden treasure inside the cake!  The cake was served warm and it tasted so good with the Crème Brûlée oozing out!


Individual tart made with pâte sucrée filled with Crème Patissière and Fruits with a dash of chocolate.

The wine....

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