Boco Bistro, Saratoga Springs -10/15/2016

For Kevin's birthday I reserved a table at Boca Bistro in Saratoga Springs which is about 30 minutes from Albany.

After a trip to Barcelona, Spain in December 2011, Chef Roslyn Zecchini and husband David Zecchini set in action the idea of opening Boca Bistro, a Spanish bistro and tapas bar.  Immersing themselves in Spanish Culture and cuisine and by June 2012 Boco Bistro was born as a Spanish Bistro and Bar that blends vintage Spanish elements with a distinctive contemporary spirit.

The Building was built in 1864 and was first used a grocery store.  The owner used to reside above the store and conducted the street level grocery for an number of years.


Right at the entrance a large effigy of a pig made of metal and painted in Orange.


This right at the entrance with a large wooden table and the bar is in the back.

When they remodeled the restaurant reclaimed wood was used to construct tables, the wine cabinet and glass racks over the bar.

Our table

Warm bread and marinated olives are brought out to start our meal.

The menu

Kevin and Kristie checking out the menu.


The Bar


We were seated in the 2nd dinning room and the decor was an interesting mix of exposed bricks and mix-matched colorful used doors decoring the walls.

On the ceiling copper lobster baskets served a lighting fixture adding a warm glow to the restaurant.

Hoa ordered a red bottle of wine for our table.

Nice picture of Kevin and Kristie.




Pork belly, crispy pork belly, caramelized pears, pickled Kohlrabi, Honey, and Ale mustard sauce.

Farm Bread & Tomato, Grilled farm bread, pan sauce, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and marinated olives

The dishes are nicely plated and are absolutely gorgeous.

Sausage plate, house pork sausage, roasted grapes, pickled mustard seed and sherry vinaigrette.


Octopus, grilled octopus, shaved fennel, grapefruit supreme, roasted potatoes, green olive tapenade.

Lamb Chop, Grilled lamb chops, fava bean mash, radish, preserved lemon vinaigrette, turmeric yogurt.

Asparagus, grilled asparagus, romesco sauce, garlic chips.


Bone Marrow, roasted beef marrow bone, radish, oxtail raga, Valencia orange marmalade.



Clams in broth, little neck clams, garlic, peas, white wine, salsa verde.



For dessert we ordered a plate of churros with chocolate dipping.


I am glad we came here as most of the dish were pretty good with the exception of the clams and the bone marrow that are just okay.  Thumbs up for ambiance, dishes are beautifully decorated, and we got really good service.

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