Beach house in Aptos- 4/7/10

Chi Tan and Anh Hung invited us to their beach house is Aptos many times but for some reason we could not synch up.  This time we were able to make it and we were glad to finally be able to check out their beach house.   Aptos is about an hour away from our house and is located in Santa Cruz County.  Aptos is a very small but very nice community.  

This is the front of their house.

Kevin and I getting off the car and walking towards the house.

Kevin and I posing in front of the house.  We are holding in our hands a few desserts that I made.


This the view from the left side of the house.  This road leads to the beach.



View of the ocean from the side of the house.

This is the swimming pool on the first floor.

Jason, the girls and a Jason's friend enjoying the pool.

Doan, Hoa, and I we took a walk down the beach.  Too bad, today the weather was cold but it was a very nice walk on the beach. 

View from the living room

More view of the ocean from the house.


The ladies in the kitchen preparing dinner.

This house is really great for entertaining and the view of the ocean can also be seen while cooking, which is pretty relaxing.

Bac Don went to the Pier and bought 10 live crabs and then cooked them at home.

Famous Cioppino from Phil's Fish Market in Moss landing.  You can buy the Cioppino on line (click on link to see their Cioppino)

Phil is known for his Cioppino and he had a throw down with Bobby Flay from the food Network.

Huyen made a large batch of pasta to go with the Cioppino!

Making garlic bread....

Huyen making the garlic bread...

Counter with lots of food....

Check out the view from the dinning room.

Setting up the table for 18 adults.

Doan sent the kids to Seascape, a luxury beach resort for dinner.  Let me tell you the kids were really happy to be on their own so they can talk and enjoy the view from Seascape. 

Bringing the food out... Crabs, Pasta, Bread, and Cioppino is on the way...

After dinner is a friendly game of Texas hold'm.

Saranya, Hung, Doan and Hoang.

Ba enjoying her tea and Ong concentrating on the game...




Our house


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