Sydney, Australia-12/26/2017 -1/1/2018

Dinner at the Winery bar -12/26/2017


The Winery bar is located in the Surry Hills neighborhood.  It is about 5 minutes drive from our hotel to the restaurant.  We did not want to eat too much as I am recovering from a stomach flu and the restaurant offers small plates so that's is just perfect for tonight.

Sign at the entrance of the restaurant.


They have really nice outdoor seating with a lovely garden.



View of the garden from our table.  The ambiance is really cozy and very friendly.


Hoa is starting with an Old fashion cocktail


The bar


Very friendly atmosphere and we felt at home right away.




The restaurant was full of people, which is a very good sign.


We shared a large plate of marinated olives.



We also ordered a steak with French fries on a bed of mashed potatoes and a wine sauce.


We are sharing it as my stomach cannot hold much at this time.



Hoa paired the steak with a nice glass of red wine.


View of the garden at night.



NEXT... Day 2- Ferry to Mainly beach





Our house


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