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The town of Saint Emilion is located about an hour away from  Bordeaux in the Southeast of France.  Saint-Emilion was named after the Benedictine monk, Emilian who arrived in the 8th century to live a reclusive life as a hermit. After 17 years, he had become the leader of a group of other Benedictines. He had such a strong impact on the town that it eventually took his name.


St. Emilion still has the feel of a medieval city.  The town is very small and the street are pretty empty.  I had a tough time walking on the cobble stone streets with my heels on.


Somebody please pinch me............  

Is time standing still?  Being there, walking around these streets and buildings that was built many centuries ago, brought me  back to a time where monks in their dark robes, and  knights in their shinning armor would roam these exact same streets.  If only the stones could talk, we probably could hear all the secrets locked inside them for ever.  


Check this list out.... Petrus from 1982 for only 1,690 Euros the equivalent of about  $2,100

Hurry up because they only have three bottles left!  Just in case it is sold out there is the Petrus from 1970 for a mere 1,090 Euros =$1,350.

What a steal!   :-)


Monolith Church


Saint-Emilion was a center of religious life in those days. This church was named Monolith (Something, such as a column or monument, made from one large block of stone) because the monks carved the entire church from a single huge piece of limestone over the course of 300 years beginning in the 9th century. It remains today as the greatest monolith church in Europe




 View of top of the Monolith church

Could Kevin be a good Knight with his plastic sword?


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