Street of Paris 

-   St.Eustache 

-   Pantheon

-   Louvre

St. Emilion

-   Chateau

-   Dinner @ Chateau


-   Wine Tasting

Carcasonne Aubenas Troyes


-   Covent Market



Wine Tasting in Bordeaux

We took a tour bus and was able to visit three different wineries.  The first one, was the smallest one, owned and run by a family, they produced around 30,000 bottle a year, which is almost nothing.  Did not take picture of the second one...


Below is the third winery, Le Chateau Langorain,  the biggest of the three wineries we visited.  Perched on top of a mountain,  the view there was very scenic.



Ludo pretending to get sick after tasting all kind of wine.  The kids thought the taste of wine was pretty nasty.  Remember, we are in France, so it is perfectly o.k. for kids to sample wine.. 




Dinner at the Bordelais.  The restaurant was recommended in one of the guide but we found out the hard way, the food was just o.k., oh well!


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