4 days in Budapest-07/21-7/24/2018

Day 2- Walking around town


It is now around lunch time and we are just walking around town and see if we can find something to eat...

Budapest is actually pretty clean and pleasant to eat outside on a nice summer day.



This door on this building is reminding me of the architecture of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain.


Minh and Hoa wanted to eat Pho so we went to a Vietnamese restaurant Quan Non (Hat bistro)


Apparently this restaurant is one of the nicer Vietnamese restaurant and it is pretty known for their food.


Art work on the wall.


This one is tough to translate but basically it said the a Dad is the one who has to carry the heavy load in life.


Translated roughly to: I travelled the world and nothing is compare to the love of a mother.


The menu


Inside the menu


They have two seating area.  This one is the main dinning room located on the right when you walk in.


On the ceiling lots of traditional Vietnamese hat are hang. 


Here you can see the 2 seating area.  We are seated on the left close to the window.


This the view of the back room from our table.  The young man in a black T-shirt carrying a dish was our waiter and he was not very friendly.



Of course Minh and Hoa have to order Pho.  How good it is?  Not bad, but not great neither.


I ordered grilled pork chop with rice.


Loan ordered bun thit nuong (grilled pork skewers).

Food is okay here but we did not expect much.  Waiter is so rude as Hoa asked him what is good is this restaurant and the was kind of annoyed and responded: "everything here is good" but the way the said it was not very nice.


After lunch we went the main shopping area


 This area is where all the upscale stores are located.

Check out the marble statues at the entrance...



Gucci and Moncler store!  Again check out the 2 statues at the entrance.


Next....Andrássy Avenue




Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin