4 days in Budapest-07/21-7/24/2018

Day 2- Walking around town
Városliget (City Park)-7/22/19

We are now headed to the park behind Heroes' square: Városliget (City Park).  You have to cross a bridge to get there.


Pond view from the bridge.


Giant castle on the left.  You can buy tickets to get in.


We are a bit tired so we stop by at this restaurant inside the park for refreshment and ice cream.


Lots of people but we found a table easily.


Hoa was exhausted and he quickly found a spot in the shade to take a took a quick nap while we are exploring the park.

Hoa only needs 15 minutes max to reboot and re-energize.

Giant intertwined anchors statue in the park.


The park is really nice, very peaceful, and well kept.


There is ledge where the water is running down to a lower pond and  you can see two people standing on it (left hand side). 

People would walk from one end to the other.  I tried to walk on it but it was too narrow for me and I was scare I would fall off.


You can see here that the path to walk is so narrow.  These 2 girls had no problem walking from one end to the other.

I definitely could not and did not feel comfortable doing so.


The same two girls taking a selfie... Proof that they walked on the ledge with Heroes' square in the background.


From the park you an see the Heroes' square in the distance.


We are now on Belgrad rakpart (Belgrade quay) is located on the pest side of the Danube.  This area is filled with really nice restaurants.


We are on the pest side and on the other side of the Danube river is the Buda side.


The Danube may seem like just another iconic waterway as it winds through Budapest, but back in the day it was actually the dividing line between the two cities of Buda and Pest, which were joined by bridges to become Budapest in 1873.


As you can see the Buda side is very hilly and the pest side is flat.


View of Buda side from the Pest side.


The tramway runs just a the border of the Danube.


Tramway coming....


This area is filled with upscale restaurants with very nice terraces.


This restaurant looks really nice


Checking out the menu....


Next....Dinner at Dionysos Taverna




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