Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Quebec City, Canada
Dinner at Le Hobbit-9/22/2019
We landed in Quebec City around 6:00pm and drove directly to our hotel.  Our dinner reservation at le Hobbit is at 8:30Pm so we had a bit of time to rest a bit before heading to the restaurant.
I knew I did not want to go to the old town because parking is really difficult so I selected the Hobbit which located on Rue St. Jean, one of the oldest and most populat street in Quebec City. The restaurant is located on the outside of the fortifications so there is less traffic and easier to park.

The restaurant is tucked into a converted house that was built in 1846 and the restaurant is opened since 1970.

The name is obviously inspired by Tolkien but this restauratn is far from the Shire serving good French food in a rustic chic setting.

As soon as you walk in the restaurant there is a bar to welcome people.



This is the dinning area located next to the bar.  People can stop by just for drinks and a quick snack.


This the main dinning room.  Hoa is sitting on the left toward the window.


The menu


Wine list


The main dinning room.



We were seated in the main dinning area.  The restaurant has a really warm and friendly atmosphere.



To start we ordered oysters and homemade dried duck breast.


We started with oysters from Canada-sweet and very fresh served with a typical mignonette sauce.


Really delicious!


 Homemade dried duck breast, very flavorful.


For my main course I ordered moules Mariniere with frites (mussels Mariniere with French Fries)


The mussels came in a stainless steel pot and then the waitress remove the lid and the steam is released, so yummy.



Hoa ordered the steak frites

The steak came with a peppercorn sauce.  Very nice!

Dessert menu


Coffee for me


Hoa and I we shared a hazelnut and chocolate Bavarian mouse, almond milk tuile, pomegranate jelly and fresh strawberries from local farmers.


Very nice presentation


So good that there is nothing left on our plate.

Overall, we really like the restaurant.  Traditional French bistro food with excellent service.  The waiter really made us feel very comfortable and has a true neighborhood-bistro vibe with a very relaxing and fun atmosphere.

We had a really good time and we were glad to start our trip with an excellent meal.


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