Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Montreal, Canada

Lunch at Schwartz's- 9/28/2019

Schwartz's Deli is an institution in Montreal and if you are in Montreal and according to people who have eaten here, you must stop by to try their smoked meat.

Rueben Schwartz was the original founder of Shwartz's.  Opening its doors on December 31st, 1927, Schwartz's defined itself as a kosher delicatessen store that used Romanian smoking techniques. It went through many ownerships but the meat remain very popular and after 90 years Schwartz's is a celebrity unto itself.

I was told that hordes of tourists lined up for the deli's sandwiches every day and will surely keep the place in business for years to come and because in its 90 year lifespan, the deli truly is a part of the city's history.


Smoked meat on display on their front window.

Store front.



Inside the deli there is a long counter on the left and then tables on the right.


We stopped by around 11ish and the deli is already full of people.


Wall filled of articles from the press mentioning Schwartz's.


The Nakis family (prominent restaurateurs) and celebrity couple Celine Dion and René Angélil purchased Schwartz's in 2012 and they kept it the way it is.

Her picture is in the center.


Walls with lots of articles dedicated to Celine Dion.




You order at the counter and then they will bring the food at your table.


Kevin ordered for us and got a large plate of smoked meat for the 4 of us and an order of fresh homemade French Fries (pickles are included).


Close look at the smoked meat


It was a rainy day today and we came fairly early so that's why it was easy for us to get a table. For us it is just a quick lunch, the meat was good but I would not stay in line for hours to get in.

 As everybody was raving about this place, I am glad we had a chance to stop by but probably will not get back here any time soon.



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