Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Montreal, Canada

Touring old Montreal -9/28/2019

Jacques Cartier Square

Place (square/plaza) Jacques Cartier in the Old Montreal.

A prominent sight at the Place Jacques-Cartier is the thirty-five meter-tall Nelson Monument, strangely out of place in this Francophone city. The monument, a large pedestal with a statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson on top of a tall column, was built in 1809 and pays tribute to the English naval hero who defeated the French at Trafalgar, similar to the one at London's Trafalgar Square.


Nelson's Column is a monument erected in 1809 in the middle of the Jacques-Cartier Square which is dedicated to the memory of Admiral Horatio Nelson, following his death at the Battle of Trafalgar.


Subsequent to the destruction of Nelson's Pillar in Dublin (1808–1966), Montreal's pillar now stands as the second-oldest "Nelson's Column" in the world, after the Nelson Monument in Glasgow.

 It is also the city's oldest monument and is the oldest war monument in Canada.


Running from Hôtel de Ville and Rue Notre-Dame to the waterfront and Rue de la Commune, Place Jacques-Cartier is now the main street in the Vieux Port (Old Port) area and the heart of tourism in Montreal. The square boasts street corner artists, stalls selling fine handmade goods and other wares, and lots of restaurants and hotels.


The area is usually bustling just about any time of the day except for today as it was just raining like an hour ago.


Lots of restaurants and stalls on the square.

The rain has stopped and people are slowly coming out...


So many people are taking pictures of this area as it is a small alley lots  bougainvillea


The sign said: the old is taking a youthful look. 

The area in under construction but most of the stores are still open.



Another popular street with lots of shops.


Old port

We are now walking toward the old port.


The entrance of the old port.


Food trucks a lining up the streets as there are usually a lots of tourists in this area but the rain slowed everything down.


Jacques Cartier pier is popular pier featuring scenic river views, along with street artists & entertainment.


The pier was pretty empty because it rained earlier... barely anybody there.


La Grande roue de Montréal is a Ferris wheel built at the Old Port for the festivities for the 375th anniversary of the city.

Open to the public since 1 September 2017, it is the tallest Ferris wheel in Canada.


Boats docking on Jacques Cartier pier. 


This is the St. Lawrence river.


View of the city from the pier.

A boat tour but it is close in the winter.




Jacques Cartier bridge in the distance, crossing the St. Lawrence river from Montreal Island to the south shore at Longueil.


So peaceful and so beautiful.


The round dome you see in the distance is the Biosphere, Environment museum.


We are now walking back to the Marché Bonsecours to meet up with Kevin and Kristie.


There is nobody on the street... This is simply great.


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