Canada-Quebec & Montreal-09/22-9/29/2019

Quebec City, Canada

La Planque- 9/24/2019

This is our last evening in Quebec City and dinner reservation is made tonight at La Planque.

 On their website this is how they are describing their restaurant: By definition, La Planque is a stash.  It's a hidden warm place.  This is the kind of place where you an take shelter.  Safe from what?
Safe from Quebec storms, away from our routines, out of our worries... away from what you want, in fact.  We put the Planque up to put in a safe place what held us most at heart: quality food, good wine, tasty beer and music that makes us smile.  Our greatest whish? Share it all with you, because after all, that's when La Planque is filled that it really comes to life. Come & stash: the door is open!

True to their word, there is no "sign" for La Planque.  All you see is the restaurant next door " Cendrillon".

I could not find it so I went in Cendrillon and they point it to me that it just next door.  It is a really a hide away.


Patio in front of the restaurant.


The inside is separated into 4 sections: the basement (la planque), the bar, The kitchen, and the mezzanine.

This is the bar section.


 We were seated at the bar section.  This the view from our table over looking the bar straight to the entrance/exit door.


On Wednesday, they have a special menu for 60CAD for 2- what a steal!

You get 3 entrees , 1 main dish, and 1 dessert.

View at  the bar from our table.


Hoa looking a the wine selection menu


This our server!  Young guy, really nice and super friendly.


This open kitchen is located in the center of the restaurant.  You can sit a the counter and watch the chefs working or you also enjoy the view of the kitchen while sitting comfortably at a table round the counter.


Chefs in action...


Wine glass with La Planque logo


Hoa selected this bottle of wine.


Amuse bouche: Accra de Morue.
Essentially these are cod-fish fritters and the recipe starts with salt-cod that has been soaked overnight.

Butter with truffles specs and sea salt.


The first three entrees

Romaine lettuce, creamy tartar sauce, corn, steamed mussels, pancetta and shaved parmesan


Fresh and delicious!

The second dish a homemade blood sausage, onion soubise sauce, pickled onions, bacon, and micro green leaves.

I love blood sausage, so this is my alley!  Love it.


The 3rd dish is an heirloom tomatoes, stone fruit, shaved radish, puree beans, and cured duck breast.


Enjoying every single bite of these 3 dishes.


I don't remember what type of fish it was but I like the crunchiness of the skin, served with lentils, caramelized onions, and foam.

The fish was so fresh that it smelled like the ocean.  Simply delicious.


Dessert: Almond cake, vanilla ice cream, cherry compote, milk Crips, and lemon custard.


Light, airy, tasty, and the perfect balance between sweetness of the cake and the acidity of the cherry.



I love having a cup of coffee with dessert and tonight is no exception.

What a great meal!  Great value, excellent food, and wonderful service. 

Next time you are in Quebec try to book a table here.


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