Hoa's sisters in town -10/22/2011

Orange county-Day 1 Orange county-Day 2 Dinner at our house

Orange county-Day 1

Hoa's 3 sisters flew from Paris to be in town just for a short week! Mai and Thierry are attending a convention and Cang and Chi Be are just tagging along.  This is the first visit for Cang and she wanted to visit her daughter's mother in law in Los Angeles so Hoa decided to drive them down just for the weekend.

They left at 6:00AM in the morning on Saturday and arrive Orange county around noon time just in time for lunch and shopping. First stop is  Phuoc Loc Tho an Asian Garden Mall located in Westminster, California.  Phuc Loc Tho is and indoor mall in the central of the Vietnamese community area known as Little Saigon.  Every Vietnamese tourists have to stop by this mall for jewelry shopping, clothes, dvd's, food, etc...  They also have lots of casual little eatery such as Pho, sandwiches, Vietnamese coffee so the man can hang out while the ladies are shopping.

The outside of the mall.


Posing in front on the entrance of the mall.

Cang also met up with her friends that moved to Los Angeles years ago.


This place is packed with hundred of Jewelry stores...

Their price is a lot lower and if you pay cash they do not charge for taxes...


Hoa a childhood friend also stop by to say Hi to Cang and Be

Hoa (childhood friend), Hoa, Cang, and Chi Be.


Yen's twin sister, Chi Be, Emile, Yen, Hoa, and Cang

Chi Be, Hoa, and Cang.

They had a blast looking at all the jewelery there.

Next Stop: Irvine University

Cang and Chi Be stopped to visit Kevin at his dorm.


Kevin just came back from Dragon boat practice and was a bit tired but he was happy to see both of his aunts.


Dinner at Sea Food Cove

It is a tradition for us, each we are in Orange County, we all have to stop by at Sea food Cove for a feast.  They served authentic Chinese sea food at their price is so reasonable.

Portions are huge and my cousin know the owner so we always get great service and they always give us extra food.

Yen, Chi Be, Cang, and Yen's sister posing at the entrance of the restaurant.




Cang holding a piece of crab....



Yen and Cang.  They have not seen each other in years...

A feast....


Crab, Lobster, hot pot, fried fish, fried tofu, etc...


So much food at such a reasonable price.


Next..Los Angeles- Day 2




Our house


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