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Dinner at Albert 1er,Antibes -7/30/2018

Tonight we absolutely have to find a seafood restaurant serving bouillabaise which a classic fish stew of the region.  We talked to a few people and they all recommended Albert 1er a known seafood restaurant in Antibes.  They have been around since 1989 and they are known to served fresh seafood.

The outside of the restaurant


Located at the corner of the boulevard of Albert 1er.  You cannot miss it as it is pretty massive.


The interior is really nice.

We walked so much today and it was so nice to be finally able to sit in a nice restaurant.

It was so hot today and we are pretty exhausted as you can see...

The menu


Sea food menu

Fish menu


We ordered a seafood platter to start.


This called L'ecailler for 26


Mixed grilled: Jumbo shrimp, salmon, and tuna - 19



Moules (mussels) mariniere with crispy French fries-  18


Bouillabaisse for 2 people -  57 per person-

This is not a traditional bouillabaisse where they used local fish but since there are so many bones upscale restaurant are serving filet of fish which is a lot easier to eat

The broth was really good!

Our table with all the food we ordered.


We shared pretty much everything and we devoured all the food.


For dessert we ordered a semi freddo and a Paris Brest. 


Paris Brest

Semi freddo


Coffee to go with all the desserts...


As we were leaving the restaurant they have a huge fish tank at the entrance to store crabs, lobsters, etc...

They also sell fresh fish on the side of the restaurant...


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