Crissy Field and the golden promenade-11/22/2021


Today we are taking the family for a little hike on Crissy Field and the goldfen promenade located in the northern two mile stretch of the San Francisco Bay Trail.  It connects the Marina District, Crissy Field, the Presidio, and historic Fort Point.

Most of the pathways throughout Crissy Field are level making it a nice place to stroll while enjoying the vast view of San Francisco and the Golden Bridge.


San Francisco is known to be foggy and cold but today it was a perfect day without any clouds and the view of the Golden Bridge was unbelievable.



The beach is accessible to everyone but the water is freezing even in the summer.






From here you can see the city in the back ground.



View of the beach while walking on the trail.



We are getting closer to the bridge.


This is such a beautiful day with the perfect view of golden gate and the bay.



Torpedo Wharf on the right.


Closer view of Torpedo Wharf.



Hoa taking pictures....


What a glorious day!



The is the walk way leading to Torpedo pier on the right.


 Beautiful back drop, perfect spot for pictures.


We are now on higher ground looking at the Golden gate.


Simply gorgeous and so peaceful.




Perfect spot to take pictures.



We are high above the ground so the view is even better.  In the distance you can see Alcatraz Island.



View of the Torpedo pier from above and also of Alcatraz island.


Closer view of Alcatraz and at the City of San Francisco in the back ground.



At the bottom on the bridge is Fort Point.


Perfect view of the Golden Gate.


Here is a better view of Fort Point, a National Historic Site Located on the Southern side of the Golden gate and at the entrance of San Francisco Bay.

The Fort was completed just before the American Civil War to defend San Francisco Bay against hostile warships.  The fort is now a popular as a tourist viewing point of the Golden Gate.



View of the City of San Francisco.



More view of the City and the Bay.



Chi Be and Catherine.


Group picture





We were so lucky to have the perfect weather today making the sight seeing here at Crissy Field such an enjoyable day.







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