Welcome party for Chi Be - 5/4/08

The weather was on our side today! It is a warm day but not too hot and it was so nice to sit outside.


Family members: Chi Thich, Chi Thuy, Mo Hoang, Chi Be, and Cau Hoang. 

I also set up our dinning table for our family members knowing that they do not really enjoy sitting out in the sun. Since they have not seen each other for a while they also have more privacy this way.


On to dessert...

For dessert I made some sticky rice with mango, Cassava cake (right), and grilled Banana wrapped in sticky rice (top).

We also have Che (in white bowl) and coffee/coconut Vietnamese Jello (thack).

After lunch the guys got together for a game of Texas hold'm.

The ladies enjoying the desserts, coffee and good conversation....

It looks like they guys are having a real good time here!



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