Shanghai at night-2/23

Shanghai at night is spectacular with all the bright lights, illuminated tall skyscrapers, and the beauty of the city.

On the left is the Radisson hotel with the dome roof and on the right is the Shanghai custom House Tower clock.


A bus in the middle of the intersection.


We are headed to the Bund.



We are now on Peoples' Square.


People's square is filled with high rise buildings.


Crossing the intersection at People's square.


Nanjing is the busiest street in Shanghai and located about 10 minutes walk from the Bund.


Nanjing is a long commercial street lined with name-brand stores both Chinese and International from luxury to affordable goods.


There are also lots of restaurants and coffee shops along the way.


A huge Shopping mall.



Modern building with Nike store in the background.


The building with the roof dome is the Time-honored store is over a century old.


If you don't want to walk there is a tramway that you can hop on.


The end of Nanjing road turn to the Bund.


We are now at the Bund with all the iconic buildings.


The lighting of these buildings are really gorgeous!


The Bund is about a mile long so we are just walking along....


The Bund is an bustling area with a lot of people..


Oriental Peal Radio and Television tower on the left (pink/purple).



We are now back to Nanjing road and we are leaving the area.


This is right after Covid so people are really going on even on a cold evening.


Nanjing Road


Colorful buildings on the horizon.


Apple store on the left and we are now leaving the area.


We are now headed to Zhapu Road Bridge


Crossing to street to get to Zhapu Road Bridge which is known as the best place to take pictures of the Bund.


We are on the bridge looking over the Bund.


Gorgeous view from the bridge.


View of the Bund from the bridge.


River boat on the Wusong River.


The red bridge in the center is called Waibaidu bridge also known as the Garden bridge.  It is the first all steel bridge in China.


 Garden Bridge(red), on the left is the Oriental Peal Radio and Television tower (pink/purple).

On the left is the Shanghai World Financial Center -Blue building with a square whole in the center.

 gray building in front of the Shanghai World Financial Center is the Jin Mao Tower

On the right is the Shanghai Tower - gray a blue tallest building


On the right with the pointy roof is the Shanghai Post Office Museum, it is a large landmark building that was built in 1924 with an interesting mix of European styles of architecture. It is now a historical landmark under protection as the Shanghai Postal Museum. 



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