Tianzifang, Shanghai- 3/2023


Tianzifang is located on Takiang Road in the French Concession.  Tianzifang is made of a maze of alleys originally constructed in the 1930s with Shikumen (Traditional Shanghainese architecture style combining Western and Chinese elements) residential houses. In the middle of the last decade, artists, business owners, and residents in the area banded together and preserved the original architecture. Though it is still a Chinese residential area, it has become famous for arts and crafts shops, affordable restaurants, bars, and cafes. Thousands of Chinese still live in the apartments above the shops. For many tourists it is a favorite place to go and appriciate the Chinese old style of residence, the atmosphere and the narrow alleys.


There are 3 Exits to get in Tianzifang.  This one is exit #3.


View of Exit 3 from the street across.



Exit #2


View of exit 2 from across the street.


Exit #1


View of exit #1 from across the street.


We are entering Tianzifang from exit #1


The area is very quaint and charming.


A coffee shop.


Small alley with restaurants and shops.


I was told that before Covid this area was filled elbow to elbow with tourists.  Business is barely recovering when we were there in March.


A tea house in the area.  Like I said the area is pretty empty.


Typical Shikumen buildings with a stone gate


Beautiful courtyard.


Beautiful alley with skyscraper in the background.



A boy having his portrait made by an artist.


Tianzifang now has a range of over 200 small businesses, like restaurants and art galleries


Lots of shops and stores all around.


Lots and lots of alleys..



A big tea shop with a wonderful French Bull dog at the entrance


He is so cute!


Art Gallery


An alley with lots of colorful paper lanterns hanging above.


How lovely is this?


I really enjoyed walking around here.


People's houses inside Tianzifan.


Vegetable market


Fish shop


Meat Shop


Gadgets shops on the left and on the right lots of bikes are parked in the alleys.


A nice front gate covered in beautiful flowers.


It is lunch time so we stopped by a Noodle shop.


The most expensive item on the menu cost 36 yuan= $5


We ordered 2 bowls of noodle and our meal came to abou $8.  Delicious Noodles!







Our house


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 Mon  petit coin