Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Konoba Dubrava, Bosanka, Dubrovnik -5/16/2019

We are back in Dubrovnik and tonight we have dinner reservation at Konoba Dubrava located in Bosanka.  Bosanka is tiny town located up in the hill plateau and about 2.5 miles north east from the old town in Dubrovnik.

This is the summit of the plateau and from there the view is simply amazing!

I don't know the name of the island but it so peaceful to stand here for a few minutes to enjoy the view.



There is only one small road that lead to the restaurant and it is pretty narrow, steeps with sharp turns.  It was very scary driving up here!


The restaurant is surrounded by tree and set back (you can see the red title roof) from the main road.


Drive way looking from restaurant to the main road

Walking toward the restaurant.


The entrance of the restaurant.


Quick selfie in front of the restaurant.


The inside of the restaurant with rustic vibes.


The menu


Hoa liked Dingac(local wine) that is pretty decent.


Kevin selecting the menu





This place is known for grilled meat and that is exactly what we are ordering tonight.


Grilled lamb chops, sausages, beef, rabbit, chicken, etc... lots of meat


This is a lot of food for 3 people!


This is Kevin last night in Croatia so Cheers!


I was talking to the waiter and he asked me for my birthday so I told him I was 41 jokingly and surprise...

He brought out this dessert platter, compliment of the house.


Brownies with chocolate sauce and the other dessert is a specialty of Croatia (not sure what it is).


Too much food that we barely touch any dessert but the waiter was so nice!

Great meal if you like meat and excellent food.


Next... Bay of Kotor/Perast, Montenegro




Our house


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