Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

The Dervish house in Blagaj, Bosnia -5/16/2019

From Stari Most we drove to the Dervish monastery house just outside Mostar which is about 9 miles away and it took us about 20 minutes to get there.

 The Dervish house was recommended by our airb&b host.  He told us it is a really short distance from Stari Most and it is must see.


You have to park your car and walk a good 10/15 minutes to Dervish house but it was such a nice walk as you can see the clear blue green water from the  Buna river. 


The Buna is a short river with strong current and extremely cold water.


We are now getting close to the Dervish house.  There are not a lot of tourists here, maybe it is still the low season.


You can see here how strong the current is.


So peaceful and very beautiful surrounding.




Beautiful waterfall


The half-timbered house has been extensively restored in 2008 and 2011.  The Dervish house is used for Dervish praise-chanting,

The house sits beside a cliff with a spring running by it, that serves as the mouth of the Buna River.

The spring water is a deep turquoise blue and sits absolutely still until just past the Dervish house where a waterfall begins (seen above).


Look at the cliff above the house...


Entering the Dervish house.


The Dervish house (Blagaj Tekke) is a monastery built for the Dervish cults


As you walk in there is a huge courtyard with picnic tables over looking the river.


 Bathrooms for visitors.


Plaque telling the story of the Dervish house.


The main courtyard before entering the house.


The water is absolutely soothing.

We are now walking towards the house.


Visitors must also follow some customary rules. Women must wear headscarves and have their shoulders covered, and men and women must cover their legs so if you are wearing a shorts or a skirt they will provide you with a wrap and shawl so that you can enter.



Stairs leading to upstairs.


Beautiful carved wooden ceiling.


While the house was inhabited, it was divided as required in Sufi custom for men and women who were not married to live separately, so they each had their own quarters.

Within the monastery there is a mausoleum, prayer rooms, bath house and living quarters like a bedroom and living room



Great view while praying.


Small library in one of the room

Living room with fireplace.

Praying room

You can look at the river from the windows.


Where the spring water actually originates from is such a mystery that when a team of French geologists went on an expedition to explore the caves, they were not prepared for the freezing temperatures as one member died from the extreme drop in temperature and aborted the exploration.

For now, the exact origin of the spring is still a mystery.


View of the river from the house from the balcony.


How beautiful is this view?


Looking at the courtyard from the house.


Side view of the house.


Rocks surrounding the house.



There is a small stall selling food inside the courtyard.


The exit of The Dervish house.



Last picture before leaving...


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