Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Dubrovnik-Day 2-Old City-5/12/2019

We are expecting Kevin to arrive in Dubrovnik around 1:00PM so we are just walking around the old town and take a quick peek at the surroundings.

In front of the Onofrio's fountain is St. Savior church

This is the entrance to the Franciscan Monastery Museum.

We will visit when Kevin gets here.


Beautiful portico with a sculpture in Marble of La Pieta depicting the body of Jesus Christ on the lap of his mother Mary after cruxification.

For right now we are just passing by all the monuments as we are waiting for Kevin to arrive so we can tour later all.


The northern end has a high street that parallels the Placa. It's called Prijeko Street and it ends at the tiny church of St. Nicholas.

There were a bunch of Tourists and we just followed them for a bit and then we just continue on..

We also noticed that there are a lot of construction in Dubrovnik....


We are on St. Dominic Street and this is the back side of the Dominican Monastery.  If you watch Game of Thrones, they filmed on these steps.  


This is really a gorgeous place!  No wonder they filmed here.


The Old City is really charming with so many narrow alleys.


You feel like you are walking into a medieval period.  Notice how clean the streets are.


Cats are every where but they are really friendly and it looks like they are all well taken are of.


These steps are close to our apartment and yes, every day we have to climb up and then climb down...



Most of the restaurants set up tables on the side streets so that people like to dine Al Fresco.


It started to rain so we found a nice little restaurant to sit down and have coffee.


Just enjoying the area for a bit until Kevin gets here.


Finally, Kevin is here and he is a bit hungry so we decided to a pizzeria since it is fast and easy.


This Pizzeria is really close to our apartment and it was recommended by Rick Steves. 


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