Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Dubrovnik-Day 2-Old City-5/12/2019

Dinner at Wanda


We knew that there are a lot of nice restaurants on Prijako street and so we walked there and decided to give Wanda restaurant a try. Wanda is Mediterranean restaurant with lots of fresh seafood.

The interior of the restaurant is really nice.  We came around 7:30Pm and the restaurant is still pretty empty.

People usually dine around 8:30PM.



Happy to be with Kevin...


Since we are eating mostly seafood tonight, we ordered some white wine. 


Hoa is not big on seafood so he ordered a double grilled pork chop with BBQ sauce, topped with fried onion and bacon bits, seasonal vegetables and garlic/rosemary potatoes.


The pork chop turned out to be delicious, moist and so flavorful.


Kevin picked the grilled scampi with parsley and extra olive oil with seasonal vegetables and potatoes.


There are not a lot of meat of the shrimps but never the less it is a very good dish.


I went with a seafood platter with grilled sea bass, prawns, calamari and mussels with garlic, parsley and extra olive oil


Huge portion, good thing Kevin's plate was small so we pretty share everything.  Really delicious dish, the fish is definitely fresh.




We made the right decision by picking this restaurant.  The food was really good and we really enjoyed it.


We ate pretty much everything..


For dessert we ordered a Tiramisu. Kevin and Hoa are not big on dessert so it is pretty me eating most of the tiramisu.



Coffee and Limóncello to complete our meal

D'vino Wine bar

Since it is still early, we decided to stop by D'vina a wine bar close by our apartment.

They have a large selection of fine domestic and imported wine available by the glass, bottle, and in tasting service.


This is the main room and it is pretty full of people


Fortunately, by the time we got there, a few tables became available and we got a really cozy table in the corner.


This the view from our table looking into the bar and into the main room.


Lots of wine on display to pick from but Hoa and Kevin wanted to try a local wine.


They also have communal table to share...

Cheers... We had such a pleasant day!


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