Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Dinner at Pantarul, Laplad-5/18/2019

This restaurant is really close to our apartment and we walked by it a couple of times and it looks like a really nice restaurant.

While we were standing there looking in, a patron was taking a cigarette break and he told us that we should eat here as him and his wife are having one of their best meal so far.

That definitely sound very promising so we walked and make a reservation for tonight.


Pantarul means “fork” in the local dialect.  The restaurant serves traditional Dalmatian meat and seafood dishes with a modern twist.


As you walk in the restaurant you see huge and colorful bar.



We got a nice table right in the middle of the room


The restaurant is very airy, cozy, and warm.


View from out table looking out into the street.


The restaurant is proud to let their customers know that all the dishes are prepared using local sourced by farmers from Dubrovnik's surrounding, especially from Zupa and Konavle.   Fresh fish is delivered daily and meat comes from the most reliable, high-quality sources. The restaurant make their own pasta and bread and also offers a creative wine list featuring Croatian wines.



Panoramic view of the restaurant


This is their private room in the back.



The restaurant offer a la carte or a 5-course tasting menu.  We went with the tasting menu,

there are 2 choices for the tasting menu so we ordered one of each.  The tasting menu is around $65 per person-wine not included.


Fro the 1st course Hoa got the Steak tartare


Beautiful presentation, good and flavorful tartare.


I got the Fish tartare!


The fish tartare was good but nothing spectacular but they did a good job at the presentation.


They also gave a basket of grilled bread and it did not do well.

They probably did not clean their grill because the bread picked up a lot of fat with an unappetizing smell.

For the 2nd course I got the Spring roll. The inside was filled with vegetable. 


Feels like I am eating fast food here. I understand it is fusion but I definitely did not care for it.



Hoa got the traditional soparnik Flatbread. Soparnik is a traditional rustic flat bread filled with kale but here of course it is elevated with lots fresh vegetables and cheese.


Hoa shared this with me and I like it a lot!  the bread is crunchy and the vegetables are really fresh and tasty.


Again beautiful presentation


For the 3rd course Hoa got the pan seared Foie gras.


Really nice with caramelized pears and grilled bread on a maple syrup sauce.


Hoa liked it a lot!

For the 3rd course I got the Risotto and Scallop Risotto



They did a good job with Risotto, al dente and very flavorful


Hoa 4th course is a slowly braised ox cheeks.  Just ok and Hoa barely touch it.  I gave him most of my Tuna (see below).


I got a Tuna steak with Dalmatian style vegetables

The Tuna was good and I like it.



Chocolate and chili cake with a crispy base


Almond brittle and caramel semifreddo


Both desserts were just okay!  We took a couple bites or each with our coffee and that's was it.


Overall, Pantarul did not live us to our expectation.  Lots of fluffs (beautiful presentation) with a few hits but most of the dishes simply missed the mark.  Service is just okay, I did not have a warm feeling that our waiter cares we are there or not.  The only dish that Hoa like was the foie gras, other than that everything is a blur once we left the restaurant.

Anyway, this was our last evening in Croatia and we really enjoyed our time here and the best part was having Kevin around.




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