Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Split-Blue cave and 5 islands speed boat tour-5/15/2019

Trattoria Bajamont, Split

The boat dropped us off right in the old town so it was really convenient to find a restaurant. 

We did not have dinner reservation but I remember that Rick Steves recommended Trattoria Bajmont so we just walk around searching for the restaurant.

It was a nice day so people prefer to eat outside.


We walked around a bit and found the restaurant.  Located in a narrow street and they put a few tables and chairs outside.  Really cute.


I think it was around 7:00 ish so it is too early for Croatians to eat so the restaurant was pretty empty.



How cute and so romantic to eat en tête-à-tête al fresco!


The inside is pretty small and rustic.


Right at the entrance is a small bar and behind the bar is the kitchen.


These two people came and ask for a table but they wanted to come a bit later..too early for them to eat.


Very interesting table with the sewing machine cast iron legs.  My mom had a sewing machine like this when I was a young girl.


View from our table looking out into the street. Notice a sewing machine in the window.


Here is a better view of  the see the sewing machine

Selection of wine for our dinner.


Inside the restaurant.


Grilled fish for me.  The owner told me the fresh was caught today and that she only uses fresh ingredients found on the market.

I picked the right dish.  Cook very simply, light, flavorful, fresh and simply delicious.


Kevin selected grilled lamb chops.


Really delicious.


Hoa selected pasta with seafood.


Also excellent, all the seafood is so fresh and perfectly cooked.


Enjoying our last meal in Split


Next... Stari Most (Old bridge) in Mostar, Bosnia




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