Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Split-Blue cave and 5 islands speed boat tour-5/15/2019

Vis Island  and  Budikovac Island

We are now headed to Stiniva Cove located on the southern part of Vis Island.  The cove is inhabited and is known for its unique natural beauty dominated by high cliffs that formed a small "sea entrance" to a pebble beach with clear turquoise sea.  It was voted by the best European destination and the most beautiful beach in Europe by the Tourism organization.

The boat ride from Bisevo Island to Stiniva cove is about 30 minutes.


Here is the sea entrance to Stiniva Cove.


Unfortunately, our boat is too big and can not get in so the boat stay close the shore just to give us a chance to take pictures.  The water is also very shallow that's why we cannot go in any further.


This tiny beach is framed by the iconic tall cliffs cut deep into the narrow bay.


Smaller boat can get to the shore but you still need to jump out of the boat and wet your toes.


 Stiniva Cove is really stunning.  Check out the color of the water and the rock formations are also so majestic.


Rock formations created by erosion


This unspoiled south coast of the island is opened to high seas where erosion formed this beautiful landscape. Since the 1960s the whole Stiniva bay is a protected with the intention to preserve its original look and feel.



I am sure that in the summer this place is really crowded with people sunbathing and enjoying the beach.

The lady with the striped jacket wrapped around her waist is our tour guide. 


Rocks surrounding Stiniva Cove


This is the closest we can get to the cove. 




These boats can get in the cove. 


We are now leaving Stiniva cove.


One last view of Stiniva Cove from in the distance.


Veli Budikovac Island

Veli Budikovac is a small island located on the northeast of Ravnik island and is located about 3 km southeast of Rukavac, a settlement on the island of Vis.  It takes about 15/20 minutes from Stiniva cove to Veli Budikovac.   Veli Budikovac is home to a small farm of domestic animals and a restaurant run by the only inhabitant of the island.

Our boat just stopped in the distance for us to take a look at the island and the famous blue lagoon.


According to the latest population census, there is only one resident living during the whole year on Veli Budikovac, Mr. Andro, the ex-ship captain, known by many on the Adriatic.  Mr. Andro enjoys spending time there with his animals and plants, surrounded only by sea and nature. He wakes up every morning early, at around 5 am and starts his day with a nice cup of coffee.


He also has a small animal farm and vegetable fields on the island which he tends to and it is put to good use in his restaurant. You can see domestic animals such as donkeys and chickens roaming around and they are very friendly. He often laughs, saying so far, he has raised four generations of chickens


Mr. Andro runs a small restaurant on the island during the season, where traditional Dalmatian cuisine is served.

You can see part of his restaurant on the left hand side with a brown roof.  His farm is on the right and is fenced off.

This is what the island is famous for: blue, clear water.

Much of the credit for the turquoise blue sea goes to the shallow pebble bottom that you will be able to see just by looking down.


Here is a map of the island we have seen

From Split we stopped in Milna on Brac island # 7 of the map

2nd stop is Blue Cave on Bisevo island - #1 on the map

3rd stop is Stiniva Cove on Vis island - # 2 on map

4th stop on Budikovac island - #3 on map

5th stop- Hvar island - # 5 on Map


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