Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Split-Blue cave and 5 islands speed boat tour-5/15/2019

Today we are going on a speed boat tour to see the blue cave and we will also stop at 5 islands.  The meeting point is on the harbor of split.


This is the meeting point.  The small white boat with blue lines is the speed boat that will take us around. 


The organizer welcomed us and told us that the blue cave is close at this point because the water is too high and there is not enough space for a boat to get in.

However, he is very confident that the water will retreat in about an hour and they will take us there.  In the mean time they will take us to Milna a town on the island of Brac


The boat is about 45 minutes from the harbor of Split.


Our skipper and host docking the boat and let us out on Milna.



Milna was founded in the 17th century and developed around the Cerinić kaštil fortress. This noble family from Nerežišća chose the Milna inlet to build their fort and a church. During this period the settlement of Milna grew around the church and in 1783 a new baroque parish church was built :Our Lady of Annunciation. An interesting fact about Milna, during the Napoleon wars, in 1820, the Russian fleet installed its naval base here.

Milna is known for its ship-owners and sea captains whose vessels sailed all over the Mediterranean and faraway oceans.

Milna lies on the western coast of the island of Brač. During the period of Venetian rule it earned its Italian name of Valle di mille navi (Bay of Thousand Ships). The bay of Milna is considered the most sheltered as well as the most beautiful on the island.  Today, Milna is a well known tourist destination and a favorite sailing harbor.


We have about 40 minutes to tour the island so are we just walking around the tiny town of about 800 people.  There is no school here so only older people live on this island.


Beautiful and peaceful view of the harbor.


For years Milna was know for its shipbuilding and the renowned Dalmatian boat "Bracera: that are built here.

Today, Milna is a popular tourist center and a favorite nautical port.


Lots of people com to Milna for scuba-diving, sailing or fishing. 


Stone houses along the beautiful long coastline are small masterpiece of plebeian architecture.



In the distance you can see the bell tower of the Baroque church that we are going to visit.


This is the only street leading to the church.


Dominating the town is Milna’s baroque church: our Lady of the Annunciation church with a characteristic Dalmatian bell tower (up on the right corner).

The parish church was built in 1783.


The main altar


Altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary with saints, a work of the local amateur painter Felix Tironi (1722 -1808).

The altar is flanked by the statue of St. Joseph and St. Jerome sculpted by Ivan Rendic (local artist).


Close look at the main altar

Altar of the our Lady of Rosary.


Nice paintings from the 18th century adorning a wall in the church.




The Altar of the blessed Virgin Mary assumed into heaven.  Painting made by Antonio Balestre from the 18th century


Chandelier hanging from the ceiling

Organ built dated from 1822


We are now exiting the church and going back to our boat.


Back on the boat direction blue cave on the island of Biševo.  The tide is now lower and we will be able to get inside the blue cave.


From Milna it takes over 90 minutes to get to Biševo island.


Beautiful coast line.


The waves were huge and the water was pretty rough and tough that we were bouncing back and forth inside the boat.  I knew better and took a motion sickness pill before boarding so I was totally fine but I saw a few people that were feeling sick on the boat.  Our skipper told us he has been doing this for over 20 years and if left with a rookie and not knowing how to navigate over the waves, all of us would be definitely sea sick.


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