Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Split -Old Town-5/14/2019

After lunch in Mali-ston we drove to Split and it took us about 3hours.  The freeway in Croatia is very clean, safe, with beautiful vistas and really easy to navigate.

The Harbor

Town of split


We rented a really nice apartment in Split within 10 minutes walk from the old town.  What you see in the distance is the old town.


Lots of cruise boats in the harbor.  Thousand of people are getting off these boats to visit the old town.


Walking toward the old town.  Really beautiful view.


There are also lots private yachts docking along the harbor.

Nice selfie of the three of us.


Again lots of yachts.


View of the old city from the harbor.


We are getting closer and the old city is in the background.



This called the Split Riva promenade with stunning waterfront view.


The Promenade must run on for a couple of miles and along the way you will find little parks with benches, ice cream vendors, restaurants and bars.


This the people's square


The People's square is a lively area with lots of cafes and lots of people walking around.


Interesting architecture with magnificent Renaissance and Baroque style buildings.



This is a huge outdoor cafe terrace.  Really nice to sit here and sipping a hot cup of coffee.


This is the beginning of the Riva Harbor.


Riva harbor with lots of restaurants and bars lining the whole promenade.


It is a very lively area with a view of the ocean.


This is the view you see of the harbor if you sit at one the restaurant.


We are now walking in one of the back street to get to the old town.


Strossmayer park ahead of us.  There are 4 entrances to the old town and we are taking the North entrance.


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Our house


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