Croatia , Bosnia, Montenegro-05/11-5/19/2019

Dubrovnik-Old town-arrival-5/11/2019

To get to Dubrovnik, Croatia we flew from San Francisco to Frankfurt (12 hours flight) + another 6 hour layover before catching another flight to Dubrovnik (2 hours flight).  We were supposed to meet up with Kevin in Frankfurt but his flight got delayed in Washington DC due to bad weather.  Unfortunately, Kevin missed his connection and he is will arrive a day later than originally planned.

From the airport in Dubrovnik we took a taxi to the old Town.  On the way there the scenery was so beautiful so we took a few pictures.

This the old town view from a top of a hill


Beautiful orange roofs against the blue sea, no wonder it is nickname Pearl of the Adriatic.

Closer look at the old town- the tower you see is Fork Bokar.

Fort Bokar, often called "Zvjezdan", is considered to be amongst the most beautiful instances of harmonious and functional fortification architecture. Built as a two-story casemate fortress by Michelozzo from 1461 to 1463. It was conceived as the key point in the defense of the Pile Gate, the western fortified entrance of the city.


I do not watch game of thrones but a lot of scenes are filmed here.


The taxi dropped us off at the Pile gate which is the entrance to the old town.  No cars are allowed in the old city.


This is Pile gate-This is not even summer yet and there are already lots of tourists.  I was told in the summer, the cruise boats will dropped off thousand of people here.


Inside the old town right after entering Pile gate.


The giant structure you see right after entering the old city is Onoforio's big fountain.


We rented an apartment inside the old city and as you can see we have to climbs lots of stairs to get there.  Luckily the apartment is really close to Pile gate so we did not have to lug our suitcase very far but it is still a lots of stairs....


We rested a bit and we are now ready to walk around the old town.


All the houses are dated in the  17th centuries.  Narrow stairs and lots of them...


Beautiful Narrow streets.


This is one of the main street with lots of stores.


Lots of restaurants with tables in the alley.  In Europe people preferred to sit outside and eat.


The Church of the Holy Annunciation is a Serbian Orthodox church.  we are only taking a quick glance at all the buildings we see today and will be back to explore in depth the next day.


This is the only Orthodox church in the old town.


The entrance of the church.


There are so many stray cats in the court yard of the church.  They seems well cared for and looks very healthy.


There are lots of them and I they roamed freely.  I think there are so many cats in Dubrovnik is that people don't spay or neuter them so they continue to multiply.


Streets is Dubrovnik are made of stone and they are so clean.  You can find restaurants in every corner.


Really cute narrow alleys with stairs going way up...



We are now on the main promenade officially called the Placa but better know as the Stradun.

This is the heartbeat of Dubrovnik's old town. We are about in the middle of the Stradun, facing the tower.


We are still on Placa but facing Pile gate.  It is a 300 yard long Stradun promenade.

This street used to be a canal in the 17th century.


It is packed with people (tourists and local alike).  By day people are strolling and shopping and at night time it is a sprawling cocktail party after dark.


We are now at Luza Square Spin-Tour is the equivalent of Times Square any time of the day or night.

The bell tower on the left and on the right is St. Blaise Church.


Luza Square Spin-Tour is the equivalent of Times Square any time of the day or night. 


I am not sure what is going on but there a bunch of young people playing music on the steps of St. Blaise Church.


 Facade of St. Blaise church which is a Baroque church and one of the city's major sights. Saint Blaise (St. Vlaho), identified by medieval Slavs with the pagan god Veles, is the patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik and formerly the protector of the independent Republic of Ragusa.



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