Fort Funston, San Francisco -12/31/2020


Fort Funston is located in the South Western corner of San Francisco and about 40 minuted drive from our house.

The beach seems to be a local secret but it is well know to San Franciscans pet owners (mostly dogs) as they are allowed to roam freely.  We have been living in California for over 40 years and I never heard of this beach until Kristie and Kevin told us about it. Beside the beach it is a very popular spot for hang gliding and flying remote-controlled airplanes off the cliffs.

In order to get access to the beach you have to walk down a steep slope but as you can see the view is fantastic.


It is so relaxing, so beautiful, the wind, and the smell of the ocean make me feel I am on vacation somewhere else...


The city is close by but standing up here, looking at the beach, you definitely forget that a place like this is in existence so close to the city.


Kevin and George walking down the stairs, and you can see Hoa ahead of them.




Dora have never been to the beach and she loves it so far.

Almost to the beach...


Panoramic view of a small portion of the beach.


Millie is in her element!  Because she is a friendly dog, Kevin and Kristie let her off her leash and she ran all over the place.


It is a really popular place for dog owner to bring their dogs on the his beach.

I did not take pictures of dogs runing around but there are a lot of them.


Beautiful view.



Dora and Millie running into a friendly dog...


Dora is on a leash because I never train her to "come" to my command but she is loving every minutes here.



Look at the happy face!


George, Dora, and Millie sniffing in unison...


This beach is so long.. We walked for a good hour (1 way) and if we wanted it to we could probably keep going on forever...


The cliffs are really gorgeous


So glad we live in California where the weather is still nice even in December. .






We are resting a bit after a long walk.


The 3 dogs absolutely had a blast, especially Millie!  She kept rolling on the sand that's why she has to wear a vest if not she will be covered in sand.



This is on our way back.  We had to climb up the steeps stairs.  My legs were sore the next day.

The dogs had no problems going up, even George with a bad knee, he climbed up all the way on his own.


This is part of the path going up.  This area is the flat portion and then you can see how steep the hill is going all the way up (look toward the middle of the picture to the top)


Kristie, Kevin, and Millie.

We definitely will back here again.  It is really gorgeous and there is not a tourist around, only locals so this is definitely a plus.





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