A day in Lemans, France - 09/25/2023

We are on our way to Dinan but before getting there we are stopping a day in Le Mans to see my family.

Train station in Chartres


Local train


Boarding our train to Le Mans.


My nephew Alex picked us up at the Le Mans train station.


Since we don't have a lot of time, I reserved le Bistro des Gourmets for lunch.


My brother Charlot and his wife Xing, drove all the way from Troyes to meet up with us.




Hoa, Alex, Lea, Charlot, Xing, and Christopher.


Hoa with Alex and Lea.


Tomato and egg salad


Quiche lorraine with salad on the right




Antillean octopus fricassee (spicy)


Grilled rib eye steak, demi glace sauce, served with French fries




Braised iberico pork cheeks with mashed potatoes.


BBQ pork ribs with red wine sauce served with French fries.



Braised pork chopped with mashed sweet potatoes and cauliflowers.


For Dessert we had the classic Paris- Brest


Really good dessert made with choux paste and filled with Praline cream.


So happy to see my brother and his family!


We went for a walk close to Alex and Lea's house.  We found a chestnut tree in one of the field close by.


We picked some and took them home and boiled them.  They are actually pretty good.


 Just enjoying time together...


Elliott is super cute and he is such a happy kid.


The living room with a view of the swimming pool.


Time for Eliott to eat...


Once Eliott is taken care of, we are now all sitting down for dinner.


Lea cooked the whole meal for all of us.


Lea make a galette with tomatoes, eggplant, and basil.


Burrata cream is added on top.


The second galette is with roasted tomatoes and burrata cream.


Both galettes were so delicious.


She also prepared a mix green salad and an Ambrosia salad


Cheers to a wonderful meal


After dinner Cheese is a must.


Homemade Tiramisu.



I love tiramisu!


A Big thank you to Alex and Lea for your hospitability and for a wonderful meal, also a big thank you for my brother Charlot and his wife Xing for driving all the way from Troyes to see us for a day, an finally to Christopher to join us for a wonderful evening.  It was also a delight to see Eliott in person and be able to spend a little time with him.

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