Gochi, Japanese fusion tapas - 4/4/09

The food

If you want to east sushi then Gochi is not for you!  Most of the dishes are stemmed from traditional Japanese dishes but the difference is the extra twist and flare packed with great flavor and interesting combination.  Tonight Dung is in charge of ordering the food for all of us because he is a regular customer and he knows what is good on the menu and also the special order!  As the night was progressing we ended with a total of 12 wonderful dishes and lots of sake to wash it all down! 

The first dish Dung ordered is a special of the day!  A salad made with 8 different type of vegetable, spinach, shredded cabbage, carrot, cucumber, chayote, radish sprouts, etc.. served with seared fish in hot oil and served with a special soy sauce.

Before serving the dish, our waitress poured the sauce on the vegetables, then mashed the fish into smaller portion, mixed everything thoroughly and then sprinkled some nuts on top of the dish.

The dish tasted so fresh and the sauce was very tasty!

Hamachi (yellow tail) Carpaccio served in garlic-ginger ponzu, chopped Jalapeno and drizzle with garlic oil.

Beautiful dish, great taste!  the fish was fresh and the sauce is perfectly balanced and enhanced the taste of the fish.


Ankimo, steamed monkfish liver in ponzu sauce.

I always like monkfish liver and this dish did not disappoint! The dish is also so beautiful to look at.


Shimesaba (mackerel) sashimi.

Fresh as fresh can be...Simple dish but so good!

Gyutan shiyaki, salt broiled beef tongue.

I always love tongue but tongue can be tricky to eat because the top part of the tongue is usually soft but the lower portion of the tongue can be very chewy so depending on what you get some of the piece could be a bit chewy!


Agedashi Tofu

Silken tofu, cut into cubes, lightly dusted with  potato starch and then deep fried until golden brown and then served in a hot tentsuyu broth made of dashi, mirin and sho-yu (Japanese soy sauce), and topped with finely chopped negi (a type of spring onion) and shredded Nori.  I love this dish!



Grilled Rib eye Steak with soy-garlic brandy sauce topped with scallions and pureed daikon.

My piece of steak was a bit chewy but the sauce was delicious!  Perhaps they should hire Phuc to consult them on how to cook the beef!  ;-)


Unagi Meshi

Barbecued Fresh water eel over crispy rice cooked in clay pot.  This is probably my favorite dish of the evening.

The rice in the bottom of the pot is crispy and so tasty. 



Before serving this dish our server has to mash the eel into small pieces and then he mixed it well with the rice.  The crispy rice in the bottom of the pot is also broken into small piece and mixed thoroughly so that each bite has a bit of eel and a bit of crunchy rice... This is so good!

Yasai tempura, assorted vegetable tempura.

Uni ( Sea urchin) platter.  Uni has a special and strong flavor, the texture is soft, almost like roe, but with a very strong ocean flavor.  I personally never developed a taste for Uni but Hoa loves it.

A beautiful deep fried fish cheek dish.  This is very simple dish but the cheeks were very flavorful and tasty.

This dish was not on the menu, it is a special order.  If I remembered it correctly I think they used Cod for this dish.

Short rib steak slowly roasted and cooked in soy-daikon sauce.

I think we ordered the wrong short rib, the last time we ordered it the dish looked different, it had bone in it.  This time the dish came out like a steak.  However, it was good but not great.  The meat was on the chewy side.  We were so full by the time this dish was served so I could not really enjoy it as much as it should. 


Fun note:  There is no denying, we are a lively group but I did not think we were that loud until towards then end of our meal, we were asked politely by our waiter, not once but twice, to please lower the level of noise a notch !  Let's just say, the food and the sake flowing freely did have something to do with the level of noise we were generating in that restaurant!  Of course we all laugh it off!   We did make an effort not to shout, we tried to use our our indoor voice but it is difficult to so when we have a super long table and in order to hear the conversation from one end to the other, we do have to shout a bit to be heard!

Once Dinner was over and we were on our  way out, walking toward the exit door and looking back at the main dining room, we realized how quiet the room was without our group!  What can I say..... We gave the restaurant a boost of energy and some extra lively ambiance?




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