Dinner at the Ngo's - 4/26/08

Tuan does not cook very often but when he does it is magical!  Tonight he wanted to cook something different, something out of the ordinary and indeed he did.  But to find out what it is, you will need to be patient!

Appetizers are no longer served because it would ruin our appetite so we just sipping wine waiting for the chef to be ready to serve dinner.

The kids are served dinner first so it is taken care of and we do not need to worry about them.


The group sitting down for dinner.



The first course of the evening is an assortment of roasted vegetables and pan fried fresh stuff Calamari.

Tuan is pan frying the remaining Calamari.  The Calamari are really fresh, they were caught today!  Really no joke.  There were only 16 fresh calamari in the whole store  so Tuan bought them all,  even if Tuan wanted more he will need to go to the frozen section.

This dish is so colorful and it looks really yummy.  Tuan is putting the last touch on the dish before serving it.


The group enjoying our first course.


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