Celebration 2007 at the Ngo's -1/13/07

We are starting 2007 with a great party at the Ngo's.  This party was supposed to be held on 12/30/06 for Hanh's Birthday but too many people could not make it so Tuan rescheduled it 2 weeks later.  Tuan and Hanh are expecting 17 people for Dinner tonight!

Hanh set up the table so nicely. White and Red is so festive even thought the holidays are over but the celebrating is still going strong. 


 We have Brie and Comte cheese to go with our champagne.

Tuan requested no appetizers so that we can truly enjoy our meal and leave some room for Desserts.


Here we are in the kitchen, watching Hanh cutting the bread.


The Champagne bottles are opened and we are kicking off the new Year with a fantastic party!!


The preparation....

The chef finishing cooking his Lobster.

The lobster broth took half a day to make.

Here is a closer look at the lobster dish.


Here I am helping with plating the 'Brandade de Morue" Cod enrobed in mashed potatoes and then deep fried.  This dish is a traditional southern french dish from the region of Nimes.


Hanh is now plating the lobster together with the Cod.


I am wiping out the unwanted sauce dripping so the plate looks flawless.

The chef putting his final touch, scooping his famous cream sauce on to the lobster et voila, we are done with the first plate.

Next..... Dinner



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