New year party at the Hyatt Hotel 12/31/06


For the second year in a row, here we are, at Hyatt Hotel celebration the New Year.

2006 went by like a flash!  To think we were here at the Hyatt Hotel a year ago is just unfathomable!! 

Here we are settling comfortably at our designated table. 


  This year we decided to bring some really good bottles of wine (thanks to Phuc), but no wine glass were to be found on our table!  Tuan went out to the bar, tipped off the bar tender, and came back with this crate full of wine glass.



The wine glass are magically on our table now so we can enjoy our wine!


Group portrait of the ladies.

This is in the lobby and we are gathering around the Christmas Tree.



This is not very often that we see the guys dressed up!  I have to say the clean up very well

WOW!! what a good looking bunch! 

Sitting: Tuan, Tuan, Phuc, Tuan and Duy

Standing: Thuy, Huyen, Doan, Maily, Hanh, Ha, Trung, Me and Hoa


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