Christmas Day-Opening the gifts

It is Christmas day!  Kevin got home really late but he decided we should open our presents really early in the morning (6:30Am) so he can go to bed right afterwards.   Hoa and I we are early riser so no matter what time we went to bed we are usually up by 7:00AM.  So might as well open the presents!

I am trying to sort out the presents....

Rocky got 3 or 4 presents this year-What a lucky dog!


Rocky sniffing my present...

Kevin opening his present

I am opening my presents....

Here I am handling a toy from Kristie to Rocky!


Rocky checking out all the toys he got!

New Year's eve-12/31/11

Tonight we are celebrating New year at Dung's house.  We are just dressed up and ready to go.

Kevin is celebrating New Year with his friends so we just take a few pictures before we are headed to our own party.




Our house


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