Christmas eve and Christmas day- 12/24 - 12-25/13

Christmas Decoration

I totally forgot to take a picture of my Christmas decoration this year!  What you are seeing here is my after Christmas decorations!  I am having a post holiday dinner party the 3rd week of January and the theme is Winter wonderland.  When I think of winter all I see is snow white so I choose silver to have a luxurious look and added a few glitters here and there to make it fun and interesting.


Christmas Eve Dinner -12-24-13

Christmas time is all about spending time with family!  This is year is no exception to spend the whole day with Hoa and Kevin.  I usually throw a feast on Christmas eve and Christmas day and cooking for 3 people is really easy and fast.  This year I am serving pan seared Foie Gras with a reduced balsamic glazes with sautéed blueberries. The main dish is a pan seared spicy lobster.

Kevin loves Foie gras and this is his favorite dish.

Pan seared Foie Gras is so decadent!  It simply melt it your mouth and it is so delicious!



Pan seared spicy lobster.




Lobster are in season right now and Christmas time is the perfect time to indulge.


Christmas Day -12-25-13

On Christmas day we usually get up early to open our presents.


Rocky in front of the presents.


Kevin opening his presents...


Rocky and his presents.... I put a treat inside the package that's why Rocky is sniffing it.


IT takes time and effort to buy presents and then it takes only a few minutes to open them but it is always fun.


Kevin playing with Rocky by holding Rocky's new toy.

The Bride's and Groom's table decorated with gorgeous flowers arrangement.


New Year Party -12-31/13

Hanh & Tuan are throwing a New year's Party and I told them I will bring desserts. 

There are going to be a lot of people tonight (50 to 60 people) so I made a large tray of an assortment of desserts.


Pecan bars, Raspberry bars, Baked apple tartlets, and chocolate ganache tartletst.

Closer look at the chocolate ganache tartlets.

Closer look at the baked apple tartlets.

Pecan Bars

Raspberry bars

Tuan made a large tray of the most delicious Kurabuta pork belly.

The skin is so crispy and delicious, the meat was perfectly marinated and simply to die for. Everyone surrounded the counter to get a piece and  large crowd surrounded this dish  Tuan could not cut it fast enough.

Tuan and Hanh has a lot of food but I forgot my camera so I only took a few pictures with my I-phone.

It was a really fun party with lots of food and plenty of booze to make everybody happy!


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