Christmas Dinner - 12/25/2014

 Maily usually goes to Lake Tahoe to be with a family but this year she is staying home for Christmas so we got lucky and got invited to celebrate Christmas with her and her family.

Loan, Me and Maily in the kitchen


Nam Chi, Nicky, and Kevin


The three musketeers?  Minh, Hoa and Tuan

Maily's mom and Minh's mom all dressed up for Christmas.


Loan brought a bunch of Pate Chaud for starters.

Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne (my favorite) and two of bottles of red wine.

Maily in the kitchen...


Ribs are ready... Letting it rest before cutting.

Loan and I helping Maily putting her appetizer together.


Toasted bread, avocado mousse, smoked salmon, creme fraiche, red onion, and parley.

What a beautiful and colorful plate.


Maily has lots of hats and we are just playing around and each of us are wearing one of a kind!


This is a really nice picture of the group.


Both Grandmas are also wearing a really pretty hat.

The table is set up!


Earth tone table decoration with warm centerpieces

Butternut soup with crispy bacon & creme fraiche

The BBQ ribs were so delicious!  They fall off the bone and are simply to dine for.  Maily also served a Chicken dish but we did not take a picture.

We ended the meal with a homemade French Cheese tart.

Click on LINK to see preparation

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