Christmas Eve Dinner at Huyen and Phuc- 12/24/2020

Huyen and Phuc are known for serving the best steaks in town but tonight they are going all out with at 6 course dinner with the help of Spencer.

Festive centerpiece carefully arranged by Huyen.


Table for 7 is set up!


Wine line up for the evening.  The most anticipated wine of the evening is a magnum bottle of Château Angélus, Premier Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion 1998 (Spencer's birth year).

Château Angélus was featured in James Bond movie (more details below).





You can see here James Bond and Vesper drinking Château Angélus, Premier Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion 1982. 

The 1998 that Huyen/Phuc is serving tonight is a better vintage year than the 1982.

Château Angélus appeared in two James Bond: Casino Royal and Spectre- Click on LINK to read more details.


Maily, Phuc, Huyen, Tuan, Hoa, and me-Cheers!


Course #1-Caviar with bread and butter and Champagne


Cannot believe that Huyen and Phuc are serving over a pound of the best Caviar.


Toasted bread, butter, and lots of caviar!  Talking about indulgence.


Course #2 -Pan seared foie gras negiri with blueberry sauce

Phuc in the kitchen cooking the foie gras.


Spencer putting the pan seared foie gras on top of sushi rice.


Foie gras negiri is the best combination!


While waiting for the foie gras negiri, I am pouring one of the best Sauternes: Château D'Yquem sur Saluces 1998

Side note: Château d'Yquem is a favorite of Hannibal Lecter.

In the novel Hannibal lecter tracked down and purchased a bottle of Château d'Yquem that was bottled in the year of Clarice Starling's birth as a 33rd birthday gift for her.



We all love this dish!  The sushi rice goes so well with the foie gras and the blueberry sauce- to die for!


Close look at the dish.


Course #3: Blue Crab salad

The blue crab is prepared by Spencer,  The crab is really incredible, sweet, flaky,  tender and with a hint of the salty ocean flavor.


Course #4- Wagyu beef Carpaccio with caper/parmesan cheese

This is Wagyu beef that Phuc ordered online served with shaved parmesan and fried Capers...


Celeriac remoulade is served on the side with the beef Carpaccio.


Course #5: Mushroom with pasta

Spencer also made a Pasta with mushrooms ala ASA. 


Lovely dish!  Great comfort dish to warm up your stomach on a cold night.


Opening the Château Angélus for the last dish.


Course #6: Culotte Wagyu (beef marbling score 9)

This is Phuc signature dish and he did not disappoint!

The beef is so delicious that it just melt in your mouth.


Close look at the dish.


Brussels sprouts with Apple and Bacon also prepared by Spencer.



For desserts, Spencer made cannelés, a specialty of Bordeaux, France.

They are these golden and crispy cakes with a custardy center, flavored with a hint of rum and/or vanilla.



I always love cannelés because of their crunchy exterior and custardy center.  Perfect with a hot cup of coffee!


Kudos to Phuc and Spencer for cooking in perfect unison and giving us an excellent meal! 

 Thank you for giving us a chance in a lifetime to have the occasion to drink a magnum 1998 Château Angélus which is impossible to get and the best ChâteauD'yquem Sauternes.

Cheers to good friendship!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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