Dinner with La,Thierry, & family -12/26/29/2021

Co La, Thiery, Phung and Soso are in Town visiting Long and Hong during the holidays so we invited them over for a Thai dinner the day after Christmas.

Christmas decoration on my kitchen Island.  I just had a Christmas dinner yesterday so a lot of the decorations are the same but re-arranged so it looks a little different. 


More decorations.


We are having a Thai dinner and so my Table is a lot simpler as I need room to put all the plates as I am serving family style.


Table overview 


Plate setting with Christmas color: red and green 






Our guests are here and we are sitting down for dinner.


Soso, Thierry, La, and Phung.


Thierry, La, Phung and Hoa.


Chicken sate with peanut butter sauce and Tom mak hoong (Papaya Salad) in the back and cucumber salad.




Crispy fried Tofu, Shrimps in garlic sauce, pan seared eggplant with soy sauce, Thai Chicken curry, Tom yum Kung, and sticky rice.

Close look at the shrimps in garlic sauce.

The whole family without Hong (she is taking the picture)

From Left: Keelan, Hoa, Annie, Thierry, La, Long, Liam Phung, and Soso 


With Hong and everyone except for Soso who is taking the picture.




Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin