Chennai, India- 6/09 to 6/13/08

The fun is over in Vietnam now time to get back to work.  Hoa had to spend 4 days in Chennai to meet with his group.


After work, Ebay organized a group outing to the Farmhouse a restaurant located about 10kilometers away from the city.

The restaurant sprawl on a large plot of land.  This restaurant is mostly for large group. You can chose where you want to sit: There's an airy terrace, open only during the weekends, delightful cabanas and gazebos set around a pool rippling with spirited fish, and a dining area inside, for people addicted to the air-conditioning

And of course the group decided to sit inside in an air conditioner area.  It is just too hot to be outside.


Hoa's group posing in the one of the hut on the property.

Inside Ebay's office.

Ebay have their own buses to pick up and drop off their employees from and to work.


The last evening in Chennai

The last evening Ebay had a special party for all the managers from the US.  Dinner was held at the Asiana hotel in Chennai. 



They served buffet style...


The desserts table



Our house


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