4 days in Japan -05/19/ - 5/23-2018

Day 2-Kamakura-5/20/2019

Hokokuji  Temple

Hokokuji temple is a short walking distance from Kotoku-in temple.  Hokokuji temple is also known for its small bamboo grove which you can see on top of this hill.

As you can see Hokokuji temple is secluded in the hills of eastern Kamakura.


At the entrance gate of Hokokuji Temple.


Hokokuji temple is  small temple of the Rinzai Sect of Zen Buddhism.

Originally founded during the early years of the Muromachi Period and was the family temple of the ruling Ashikaga Clan and was later adopted as the family temple of the Uesugi.



Appearing rather unassuming as you arrive, the path to the temple leads past a relatively modest gate and through a small garden to the main hall, which was rebuilt in the 1920s after the original building had been lost in the Great Kanto Earthquake.


Path leading to the temple.



Zen garden on the path to the temple



Water running out of a bamboo irrigation system.  So peaceful and so beautiful.


The Temple.


The hall houses a statue of the historic Buddha (Shaka Nyorai), the temple's main object of worship.


The temple and front zen garden.


To the left of the main hall stands a unique looking bell tower with a simple, thatched straw roof, which was also a feature of the original main hall before it had burnt down


The famous bamboo grove on the property.


Behind the temple's main hall you can find a thick bamboo grove with over 2000 dark green bamboo stalks.


It is really magnificent.



So tall that the sun can barely penetrate.


Lots of path ways weaving through out the bamboo grove.



Shrine along the way.


Also located behind the temple are a series of shallow caves carved into the hillsides, which are believed to hold the ashes of some of the later Ashikaga lords.


Close look at the caves.


Pathway leading to the Tea house.


Tea house


For a small fee, you can sit and enjoy a cup of matcha tea while enjoying views into the bamboo grove.


More pathway along the way..


Small pond with bamboo irrigation.


Pond with gold fish.


We are now on our way out of the temple


Plants and trees in the garden.




Stone lanterns.


We are now leaving the temple







Our house


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