4 days in Japan -05/19/ - 5/23-2018

Day 2-Kamakura-5/20/2019

Sammon gate

From Tsurugaoka Hachimangū we walked to the Sammon gate and we just follow people going into that direction..


The Sammon gate which is the main gate to the Hasedera temple, a Buddhist temple in Kamakura.

The gate is the forth largest of its kind in Kamakura. 



Sammon gate is well known for its red lantern placed in the middle of the entrance gate.


Beside the red lantern at the gate a huge shading pine tree welcome visitors to walk in.


The first thing you see is a Japanese garden with a large koi pond


A small garden right after entering the gate.


Rest area in the garden


Statues of numerous deities


 Ascending the stairs, you can make see another pond.


A large number of flowers are blooming throughout the year in the Hasedera temple.


Lust and mature trees on the ground floor.


Moss covering the ground floor.


Stone lantern



Ryo-enJizo is a group of three little Jizo statues, which can be found in three different locations within the temples.

They are so cute.


Benten-do hall with a small water pond and lots of statues on the left.


Mizukake Jizo (water pouring Jizo) it is believe that one can purify one's mind by gently pouring water over the statue


Large bronze Buddha sitting in the middle of tiny statues of Jizo statues.


The ground of the temple are home to hundreds of small Jizō statues, placed by parents mourning offspring lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion. These statues remain in place for about a year, before being removed to make way for more statues; it is estimated that some 50,000 Jizō statues have been placed at Hase-dera since World War II.


Jizo is a Buddhist deity believed to protect children and give prosperity to one's descendant. 


Against the wall is a multitude of Jizo-standing side by side in a long row.  


Historically, parents came to Hasedera to place these statues in the hope that the deity would protect and watch over their children.



There is a small shop that sell candles and incent.


You can light up a candle and pray in this area.


Incent burner holder.

Golden statue of Buddha.


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