4 days in Japan -05/19/ - 5/23-2018

Day 3-Tokyo-5/21/2019

Ameya Yokocho, Tokyo


Ameya Yokoccho is located a block away from Ueno Park.  It used to be Tokyo's black market and it is still a bargain to shop here.

People in Tokyo don't call the area by its official name. Everyone just says Ameyoko.

Ameyoko became a huge marketplace after World War II. It started as a black market, selling many things that people who worked for the Occupation forces would get from the soldiers. It's uncertain how it came to be called Ameyoko, but some people say that it comes from the Japanese word for candy, ame, while others say that it's just short for American.



The entrance of the market. 


Ameyoko is a bustling area that is constantly packed with people.


Boiled Crab with yellow roe


Fresh seafood


All kinds of pickled vegetables.


More pickled vegetables


Alley with so many stores.


Bakery selling Japanese specialties.


Stall selling fried food.


Fruits stall


Mochi with different kind of filling.


Wagyu beef.


The last time I was here on my own I had a great lunch here.  There are so many tiny little restaurants in this area but we settle on this one located in a small alley.


There is a line but we were lucky enough to be seated at the counter within 10/15 minutes.



3 different type of sashimi, Tamago (Japanese folded egg omelet) over rice and miso soup


Japanese ramen


Lunch for me and Hoa


My favorite Japanese Lunch-fresh sashimi over rice-so delicious!


Grilled giant oysters.


A variety of Sashimi to go.



We are now headed to Ginza






Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin