4 days in Japan -05/19/ - 5/23-2018

Cocktail & Dinner at Jomon Roppongi

We have about 30 minutes to kill before dinner so we decided to stop by the Sheraton club (our hotel) for a drink.

Our room was located on the same floor as the club house so it is pretty convenient for us.


Hoa pouring himself a drink.

They also served appetizers but we opted not to eat as our dinner is in less than 1 hour.




Jomon Roppongi

We have been to Jomon Roppongi the last time we visited Tokyo and we enjoyed the food so much that we had to come back for more.

Jomon Roppongi is an izakaya that serves some of the best yakitori in the area,

The restaurant is very small and reservation is a must.  I asked my colleague in Japan to reserve a table a month of head just to make sure I will get a table.

Check out how they stacked up beer crates as seat for customers.  Talking about maximizing the place.


As soon as you walk in there is a long bar that takes over most of the length of the restaurant.

Behind the bar is where they grill the food.

Against the wall you will find of type of sake.


That's pretty much the kitchen (very narrow and very hot).

Between the kitchen and the bar there is a see trough refrigerator where all the food are prepared ahead and store there until it is grilled.


Vegetable and cheese skewers.


There are only two people grilling the food for the whole restaurant.



Close view of the grill


Quick selfie of the two of us.


As we sat down we were nicely surprised at the welcome sign.


Sake and beer for Hoa

The menu

Daily Special menu

Deep fried chicken wing




Seared Japanese beef-check out the all the fat on the meat.


So tasty!

We got the special of the day which is 8 sticks of grilled meat on a stick, selected by the chef.


Grilled zucchini, lotus root wrapped with bacon, Pork with shiso leaves, chicken leg, beef skirt, etc..

All of them are delicious!


Chicken skins, hearts, and gizzards,.


Braised pork belly with potato sauce served with rice.


The restaurant does not disappoint, another excellent meal.


We left the restaurant around 10:00pm and there a still a few people waiting to get in.

We definitely will be back if we have a chance to stop by Tokyo.



Address:  Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 5 Chome−9−17 藤森ビル

Phone: +81 3-3405-2585


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