4 days in Japan -05/19/ - 5/23-2018

Our Dog Rocky passed away unexpectedly and we are so heart broken that we have to take a little break from our daily routine.  The plan for me is to fly to Tokyo and meet Hoa there after he is done with his business trip in India. 


After looking around for a hotel we picked the Sheraton Miyako in Shinagawa.


The hotel has a Japanese garden that can be seen from the main lounge.


This is really peaceful to sit here and enjoy the surrounding.


Gorgeous view especially in Tokyo.


We are just walking around to see the hotel as we arrived really late last night and we did not get a chance to see anything.


The lounge area overlooking the Japanese garden.

At night they have a live band playing while you can enjoy a cocktail.


View from the inside of the hotel looking out at the property.  Feels like we are in a forest.


Walking to train station from our hotel.


We passed by this pet grooming store.  Yeah, you now know I love dogs.


We are now in Asakusa (north of Tokyo).


Tokyo cruise Map

We are taking the Tokyo cruise water bus from Asakusa to Odaiba.

Odaiba is a collection of artificial island located on Tokyo bay.


The trip on the boat is about 40 minutes to Hinode Pier than we had to take another water bus to Odaiba (another 20minutes).

There is a water bus that goes to Odaiba directly but we missed it by 15 minutes so we had to take on with connection.



Waiting to get on board.




Inside of the boat-first come, first serve.  Notice how low the ceiling is and people had to bend down to walk.


A quick selfie of us on the boat.








Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin