7 days in Japan- 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 5- Osaka-10/25/2023

Sukiyaki Dinner and Coctails, Osaka


We left Kyoto mid day to take a 30 minutes train ride to Osaka.  The train system in Japan is really convenient.

We are fairly familiar with Osaka and I told Hoa that I wanted to have Sukiyaki tonight.  We been to this restaurant the last time and the food was pretty good.


The front of the restaurant


The first floor of the restaurant


Stairs going up to the 2nd level.


We got a great table against the window with a great of the street.


The menu. We ordered #9, Sukiyaki


Beer and edemame to start


Premium sliced beef, colorful wheat cakes, Konjac noodles, assorted fresh vegetables, Japanese mushrooms, Tofu, Udon noodles and raw egg for dipping.


Here you see the beef, mushrooms, and fresh vegetables.


On the other side of the pan you can see tofu, shitake mushroom, and wheat cakes.


Our waitress cooking the Sukiyaki at the table.  She poured some dark broth and then a clear broth over the pan.




We ordered and extra order of Premium sliced beef and a plate of assorted fresh vegetables.


After we ate most of the vegetables, udon is added to the pot.


We ate the whole thing!  So delicious.


View of the street below from the window.



I told Hoa, I remember they have really good Matcha tea ice cream and so we ordered some.


Perfect ending to a meal.


In front of the restaurant there is a bar at the end of the alley.  We went to this bar the last time we were in Osaka and we really like it so we are going back again.


Main Bar Spirits.


They have pata negra but we are too full to even have a taste.


I ordered a cosmopolitan and the bar tender is preparing and pouring it.




Hoa ordered an Old fashion.




Afterwards, Hoa ordered a dirty Martini.  The bar tender preparing the cocktail


An other excellent dirty Martini.

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