7 days in Japan - 10/20/2023-10/26/2023

Day 1-Dinner at Jomon Roppongi, Tokyo -10/20/2023


My aunt Kim and uncle Larry came to visit us in Shanghai and stayed with us for two weeks then the four of us flew to Tokyo together.

We landed in Narita and took the express train to Tokyo


Waiting for the train at Narita Airport.


We reserved Jomon Roppongi for Dinner tonight.


Jamon Roppongi is our favorite Izakaya in Tokyo and each time we  are in Tokyo we never miss the chance to come here for dinner


The restaurant is always busy so reservation is a must. 


As soon as you enter the restaurant there is a very long counter with the grilling area in the back.


The restaurant welcomed us with a hand note.


As soon as we sat down, our waitress brought out a tray of special skewers for us to choose from.


So many kinds...


Raw cabbage, compliment of the house.  We actually had at least two refills.  Simple but so addicting to eat.


The menu


The specials of the evening.


Sake and Beer for Hoa and Uncle Larry.




Braised Kuroge Wagyu Beef


Home made Sesame Tofu



Tuna and watercress seasoned with mayo


A flavorful salad


Potato croquette with soft boiled egg


I love this croquette!  Crispy on the outside with a soft boiled egg that is oozing out.  So delicious!


French Fries with anchovies butter


Cheers to a wonderful start!


As more people are orderings skewers, the restaurant was filled with smoke (from the grill) but it does not matter, we are still enjoying the vibe and the food here.


We ordered a variety of skewers: salted belly, supreme loin, thick skirt, Iberian port, chicken thigh, chicken neck, etc..


Assorted Hakata grilled skewers


An more skewers... All so delicious!


Bubbling hot olive oil with Cod roe Ajillo


An incredible dish!  Really amazing flavors and so delectable.


Octopus Takoyaki


Takoyaki are grilled balls with bits of octopus inside and they are very popular Japanese street food.


On to our last dish!


Ending our meal with a Spicy noodles bowl that was recommended by our waitress.


It looks extremely spicy but it is not.  They used sweet peppers so they are pretty mild but they yield lots of flavors.

A great end to a wonderful meal.


It was a wonderful meal. Our 4th time here and we still enjoy coming here.


We were so full so we did not order any desserts but our waitress brought a bunch of ice cream with a chocolate shell (on the left)

This incredible meal came to $118 for the four of us including sake and Beer (no tips in Japan).  With the strong dollar it is such a bargain to eat in Japan.



You have to remove your shoes when you get in this restaurant and by the time we are ready to leave, they already lined up our shoes at the exit door.


NEXT... Day 2-Kawagoe, Japan




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