Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017

Day 4- Breakfast, snacks, coffee shop, Last morning in Tokyo-4/4/2017

Today is our last day in Tokyo!  This page is a mixture of pictures during our 4 days in Tokyo.

Breakfast buffet at our hotel!  They served mostly Japanese dishes with lots of vegetables.


My plate: smoked salmon, sausage, scrambles eggs, vegetable with glass vermicelli.


Porridge and a bowl of rice with pickled vegetables.

We found this coffee shop close to our hotel that we really like and we had breakfast there 2 days in a row.

They served Vietnamese coffee brewing in siphon.  


Siphon coffee machine

 Siphon coffee was invented in the 1840s more or less simultaneously by a French housewife and Scottish marine engineer.


A basic siphon coffee maker consists of two connected glass vessels.

The bottom vessel contains water, the top vessel coffee grounds. Heating the bottom vessel causes vapor pressure to draw the water into the top vessel, where it brews the coffee. Once the coffee is brewed, the heat sourced is removed and vacuum pressure draws the coffee, through a filter, into the bottom vessel. The movement of the coffee and the quality of the resulting cup has made this a favorite brewing method among java heads.


The coffee beans are imported from Vietnam.
A cup of coffee is 530 yen, which is around $5 and if you want a refill it is 50% off on the 2nd cup.

However the breakfast is 190 yen = less than $2.
Basically, you pay around $7 for a very decent breakfast!
The coffee is on the light side, I usually like strong and bold coffee to wake me up, but it is still delicious.


A nice cup of coffee!

Pancake with syrup!  I love breakfast!


This picture were taken in Akihabara( electronics area)... vendors making Takoyaki.


Takoyaki literally translates to ‘octopus fried,’ This popular dish is made with a batter filled with octopus, green onions, ginger, and tempura pieces. The crispy takoyaki balls are usually topped with green onions, along with fish shavings, mayonnaise, and a special takoyaki sauce, similar to Worcester sauce. Looks interesting but it was still too early to eat!


I opted for a quick snack at Jack in the donuts (not Jack in the box).  Interesting name for a store.

I bought a cronut with is a croissant and donut pastry that was invented by chef Dominique Ansel in New York City.  It is actually really good!


Then we stop by Brioche doree for a cup of coffee.



Coffee and a small chocolate croissant for Hoa.


Today is our last day in Tokyo! We woke up early and walk around the neighborhood before heading to Hakune.  These pictures were taken around 7:00am.

Street leading to Meiji shrine.  This street is usually filled with people but it is still too early for any action...

More empty streets as we were in search for a coffee shop.  Kohi Kan coffee shop, the one that we like was close today.

Main street and barely any traffic nor car...

We finally found a Starbucks around... had a cup of coffee and then we back to our hotel and ready for our next destination.

At the Tokyo Station en route for Hakune.




Our house


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