Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017

Day 3- Tsukiji Fish Market -4/3/2017


Tsukiji Market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world, handling more than 400 different type of seafood from cheap seaweed to the most expensive caviar and from tiny sardines to 500/600 lb. tuna

The market is located near the Tsukijishijō Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, get off at the Tsukiji station and walk to the market.

Tsukiji  market is divided into 2 section: the inner and outer market. The outer market is much smaller, has plenty of great sushi restaurants, and lots of shops selling vegetables, spices, cooking implements and various other things.

The inner market, meanwhile, is the really interesting portion. This is where you’ll find all the wholesale seafood sellers, as well as some of the very best sushi restaurants in Japan, where people queue for literally hours for just a few minutes at the bar.

While the inner wholesale market has restricted access to visitors, the outer retail market, restaurants and associated restaurant supply stores remain a major tourist attraction for both domestic and tourists.


The outer market


From the subway you will see the outer market which is located just adjacent to the inner market and is totally caters to the public.  The outer market consists of a few blocks of small retail shops and restaurants crowded along narrow lanes.


The market bustles with family shoppers on Saturdays, the day before the market closes and there are also lots of tourist.


You buy your food and then they have designated sitting area for each restaurant


This restaurant sell fresh sashimi over rice.

Lot of locals going grocery shopping..


 Beef, tendon, and innards stew...look like it is a popular place to eat... 

This shop sells ramen

A busy sushi restaurant...

Many people come here to shop not only for fish but also for a wide variety of vegetables, seaweed, teas and rare delicacies. The best shopping hours are between 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m..

Fresh wasabi- from expensive to most affordable.

This bucket contained the most expensive fresh wasabi which less than $8 a kilo, still cheap compare with the U.S.


I selected this ramen place for lunch.  Hoa, Mai, and Thierry decided to eat something else.

The broth was actually really good!  It was a satisfying ramen bowl.

Hoa selected braised innards over rice for his lunch!

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